What is Añejo/Aged Tequila?

Añejo (Aged): Until recently, añejo was the brass ring of the tequila merry-go-round. It sat atop the heap as the most carefully and patiently crafted of tequilas. Añejos are aged from one to three years in oak barrels. And distillers tend to lavish their most careful attention on this premium product. In fact, añjejos must [...]

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What is Extra Añejo Tequila?

Extra Añejo: This is a fairly new classification of tequilas. Extra añejos are aged over three years. And like the finest Scotch whisky, they are priced accordingly. Voodoo Tiki Tequila's limited edition extra añejo, for instance, sells for over $1,000 per bottle!

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How Should I Be Drinking Tequila?

The rise of tequila bars around the country over the years has opened our eyes to the vast selection of styles of tequilas on the market; there are roughly 1,000 kinds available.But when it comes time to drink the stuff, too many of us revert back to old bad habits from less sophisticated days. It's [...]

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How Do I Properly Taste Tequila?

The key to tasting tequila well is through the sense of smell, so pay heed to your nose. “Many people tend to automatically do it the way they would wine. They take a big sniff out of the glass. But this is 80-proof alcohol. Therefore, you need to make sure you don't do that and [...]

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What is the Best Way to Learn About Tequila?

The best way to learn about any type of spirit is to do side-by-side tastings of different styles. With tequila, start with a blanco, then progress toward a reposado and on to anejos, moving from youngest to oldest. “When I come across someone who says 'I don't like tequila,' I think, you haven't taken the [...]

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